Thursday, June 17, 2021

Another Great Land Transcript Added

 We just added the below Land Title Abstract to our collection in Members Resources Set 1.  These are great original records of land transactions from the very beginning of Marion County. This one has several wills included, Fielding Geeter and Zenas Lake among others. The original is in our library. We thank local researcher Sharon Kennedy for this donation. 

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Another Happy GSMC Client

            At the end of April the GSMC Library received a call from Alan Tentschert, who lives in St. Louis, MO. 

            His Great Grandfather was here in 1860 for a brief period of time, and he wanted someone to do research for him.  GSMC President Barbara Hutchinson contacted  him and started researching for him as time permitted. She completed his request and found some important data for him, but not all was Marion County, IN, information.

          Last week she informed him of what she found. He said that he was coming to Indianapolis on June 15, and they met at 1:00 at the GSMC Library.  Barry Levitt was able to meet Mr. Tentschert briefly also.

          The meeting went really well, and he was very pleased with what we found. He also asked us to follow up looking for a couple other items. Mr.Tentschert  gave us an $100.00 donation for GSMC. Yay!! 

Follow up: 

Ferdinand Tentschert came into New York in 1854 and traveled to Marion County, IN.  Showing up here in the 1860 Census. Did Register on the Civil War Draft Registration Records 1863-1865.  Was held prisoner.  In 1866 was listed in St. Louis MO. City Directory.

Stayed in St. Louis MO the rest of his life.  

Our Society has assisted numerous researchers over the years, and we hope to help many more, If you have a problem, Marion County or not, let us know. Maybe you can be our next "Happy Client." 

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Any Bruce Family Descendants?

 We recently received a donation of 5 excellent photos on heavy card stock of the Bruce family, probably from Marion County. The below two photos are Charles and Albert Bruce taken by the Wesley Bennett Studio in Indianapolis. In addition, we have a photo of Bruce's Bakery, of Mrs. James Bruce, and of "Grandpa and Bella Bruce." We would like to find a home for these high-quality family artifacts. Anyone have some ideas?

Sunday, June 13, 2021

Railway Update

 We have completed the initial upload of the Indianapolis Union Railway Collection covered in the previous post. Members may now log in and use the files as needed. We may be able to add a photo grouping in the near future, if present plans work out. [Keep your fingers crossed.] We are also open to contributions from other historians and genealogists who may have Indianapolis railroad material. A physical donation is not required, as our scanners are standing by. Keep us in mind. Thanks. 

Sunday, June 6, 2021

New Section--New Collection

 Our GSMC Members Resources continue to expand by leaps and bounds. We just created a new Members Section 3 on our website, and we started that location off by uploading our new Indianapolis Union Railway Collection.

            Still under construction, we believe our IURC files are the only significant online resources focused on the railroad employees. In the 20th century the railroads were the largest employers in the country, including Indiana. Check out our new Section 3 and keep monitoring it as we continue to add more research files.

Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Check Out Our New Clearance Bargains

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